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Welcome to the Temple Emanuel Religious School

Temple Emanuel's Religious School is open to all students, grades pre-Kindergarten through 12.

Our goal is to create fun, meaningful, Jewish educational experiences for our students that help them develop their Jewish identities. Our experienced educators strive to inspire a community of educated Jewish youth who are comfortable integrating their Judaism into their lives. Our classes provide a foundation of Jewish knowledge through the study of Torah, holidays, traditions, prayers, and Hebrew that help our children feel that they are part of Klal Yisrael, the wider Jewish community.  We hope that when they graduate high school, our graduates feel comfortable attending Shabbat services or celebrating Jewish holidays anywhere in the world. 

Religious School is home to about 60 students, pre-K through twelfth grade.  Middle and High schoolers attend our High School program, Havayah.  Our 8th-12th graders support the younger students as madrichim-in-training and then madrichim (guides) in our Sunday school classes. Our faculty is a diverse community of caring adults who make Judaism come alive. They, along with the Director, work as part of the team that supports our students on the road to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Jewish adulthood.

Please contact Becky DePalma, Religious School Director at 336- 722-6640, ext. 102 if you have any questions.


All Students

9:00 am Bagel Breakfast

9:20 am Welcome with Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker

Grades Pre-K – 3

9:30 am Class Time
10:30 am Tefillah (Prayer)
10:45 am Recess
11:00 am Class Time
12:00 pm Dismissal

Grades 4-7

9:30 am Class Time
10:30 am Recess
10:45 am Class Time
11:30 am Tefillah (Prayer)
12:00 pm Dismissal

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784