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Welcome to the Temple Emanuel Preschool

The Temple Emanuel Preschool is warm and inviting, serving ages one through four.* 

We provide an excellent teacher-to-student ratio and a wonderful opportunity for children to learn through a variety of experiences. Our children develop positive attitudes about themselves in a multi-cultural world, as well as a sense of pride and joy in going to school and a lifelong love of learning. In-house registration for returning families begins in January, and registration for new families will be available in March. Returning families will receive their registration forms via a school email, and hard copies will also be available through the preschool. For more information, contact Preschool Director Colleen Lerner at (336) 722-6640, ext. 109.

*For children who will be one, two, three, or four years of age on or before August 31st. 


Weather-Related Closings

Please remember we follow the WS/FC school system’s snow day policy for closings and delays. If public school is closed, we are closed. If public school is delayed one or two hours we will open at 10:00 am.


  • Provide a nurturing, loving environment that is an inviting, secure and comfortable place for children to learn, explore, and grow.
  • Provide a program that is appropriate to each child's stage of development.
  • Encourage creativity, positive self concept, discovery, and initiative in each individual child.
  • Provide a positive social experience as a member of a group.
  • Provide an environment and program that fosters children's knowledge and appreciation for the values, customs, and celebrations of Judaism.


The Kittens (Ones)

In this group, children experience a classroom setting away from the familiarity of home. It provides an opportunity to play as a member of a group, and to have an adult available to facilitate and support their play. It provides an opportunity to play as a member of a group, and to have an adult available to facilitate and support this play. Language development and sensory experiences are the primary focus.

The Puppies (Twos)

This class focuses on fostering the development of language and social skills through informal learning and discovery experiences. There are many activities offered to develop both large and small motor skills. These include outdoor play, movement activities, art activities, and tactile experiences.

The Bears (Threes)

The focus in this class is on social and personal skills, such as building a positive self-image, being a part of a group, making friends, understanding emotions, and learning self-help skills. The curriculum offered develops the basic foundations for later learning. Opportunities are provided for exploration and discovery with science, nature, music, and other creative arts.

The Dinosaurs (Fours)

This class focuses on developing interpersonal skills, including acceptance and tolerance for other individuals, and respect for all living things. Concurrently, readiness skills are developed through a variety of activities in creative arts, language, reading, writing, science, math, dramatic play, and music. As the year progresses, the children prepare to leave preschool by learning skills such as taking turns, listening, walking in a line, speaking to a group, and participating in structured activities similar to what they will experience in a pre-k or kindergarten setting.

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