Covid-19 Update, as of August 25, 2021.

The Temple Emanuel COVID-19 Recovery Task Force consults with immunologist Dr. Steve Mizel and other medical professionals to develop our safety measures in response to COVID-19. Please note the following: We have reinstated mask-wearing at all temple events, inside the Education Building and administrative offices, and at all outdoor events when children are present. At Services, we welcome an unlimited number of fully-vaccinated Temple Emanuel members and visitors, but please be aware that physical distancing is required indoors. In some cases, you may be asked to sign in before a Service or event for contact tracing purposes; however, pre-registration for Services is no longer required. You will still be able to join us virtually on LiveStream.

Questions, please contact our office at 336-722-6640 or by email.

Who We Are


DSC_3376_HEADSHOTMark Cohn
About Rabbi Mark
(336) 722-6640 ext. 101

Jeff Morgan's PortraitJeff Morgan
Executive Director
(336) 722-6640 ext. 114

Becky DePalma's portraitBecky DePalma
Religious School Director
(336) 722-6640 ext. 102

Colleen Lerner
Director of Preschool
(336) 722-6640 ext. 109

Cynthia Silber
(336) 722-6640 ext. 100

Diane Deal
(336) 722-6640 ext. 104

Ben Breakstone
Engagement & Media Coordinator
(336) 722-6640 ext. 105



Board Members

Hilary Kosloske

Bill Reingold
Executive Vice President/ VP Administration 

Ken Otterbourg
VP House 

Steve Zucker
VP Finance 

David Clayman
Assistant VP Finance 

Lynn Segal
VP Fundraising

Lori Baydush
VP Membership

Jennifer Rosen
VP Education / Ritual

Gail Cohen

Vivian Smith
Immediate Past President

Alice Adler
Governor (year 1 of 2)

Mindy Bloom
Governor (year 1 of 2)

Conrad Emmerich
Governor (year 1 of 2)

Amy Lamy
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Dara Silver
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Judy Breakstone
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Wendy Brenner
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Jamie Maier
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Karen Pranikoff
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Kay Schneider
Governor (year 2 of 2)

Debbie Jones
Sisterhood President

Lindsey Lobree
Brotherhood President

Mike Brenner
Endowment Committee

Committee Chairs

Deb Britton

Lindsey Lobree

Colleen Lerner

Mike Brenner

Steve Zucker

Lynn Segal

Ken Otterbourg
House / Building

Lois Miller

Mike Backfield
Lifelong Learning

Herb Spindel
Mavens / Sr. Programming

Kathie Burton
Mavens / Sr. Programming

Kim Hobin

Vivian Smith

Kate Irwin-Smiler
Religious School

Rona Klein

Debbie Jones

Jean Fromson
Social Action