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The Lamed Center

The Lamed Center for Learning, Laughing, and Living

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, Temple Emanuel rededicated the original sanctuary space as The Lamed Center for Learning, Laughing, and Living in loving memory of Robyn and Michael Block. Funding for the Lamed Center was redirected from the Youth Scholar in Residence Fund that was established to memorialize Robyn and Michael who died in a car accident in February 1997. The Center is designed to modernize and enhance the Temple’s learning and programming spaces for congregants of all ages.
Lamed stands at the root of the Hebrew words for teaching (Limud), and learning (Lomed). Love of learning is central to Judaism and to the purpose of this space.

The room features a large-scale screen, high-definition projection, and an excellent sound system capable of projecting digital media from DVDs as well as streaming. There is a stage for performances. It has updated lighting and décor, and comfortable seating for medium-sized groups (25-75 people). In addition, there is a “smart board”, which is a touch-sensitive whiteboard that allows for modern, interactive, web-enabled teaching.

This welcoming and flexible space is available for educational programs, meetings, movies, and other functions that are too small for the main sanctuary and too big for the library.

Rabbi Mark performs in the Lamed Center

A big crowd in the Lamed Center.