Covid-19 Update, as of August 25, 2021.

The Temple Emanuel COVID-19 Recovery Task Force consults with immunologist Dr. Steve Mizel and other medical professionals to develop our safety measures in response to COVID-19. Please note the following: We have reinstated mask-wearing at all temple events, inside the Education Building and administrative offices, and at all outdoor events when children are present. At Services, we welcome an unlimited number of fully-vaccinated Temple Emanuel members and visitors, but please be aware that physical distancing is required indoors. In some cases, you may be asked to sign in before a Service or event for contact tracing purposes; however, pre-registration for Services is no longer required. You will still be able to join us virtually on LiveStream.

Questions, please contact our office at 336-722-6640 or by email.

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Your donations and membership pledges to Temple Emanuel helps us nurture our second Jewish home. Thank you for your generous support.

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Tradition of Giving - 5782/2021-22

Please help Temple Emanuel by making a donation which supplements annual membership contributions. Your generous act of tzedakah helps us maintain and improve facilities, programming and staff. Give from your heart at a level that feels good as we, together, build our community. Please contact the temple office with questions.

Abraham ($3600 & up) Bracha ($1800-$3599) Chanah ($360-$1799) David ($180-$359) Eliyahu ($36-$179) Other ($1-$35)

Legacy Giving

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Through Legacy or Planned Giving, you can leave a permanent legacy for Temple Emanuel and our Jewish community that reflects your values and commitment to maintaining a vibrant and lasting Jewish presence in Winston-Salem. While we encourage gifts for general, unrestricted purposes so that your gift can be used to address the most pressing needs of the community, we will certainly give careful consideration to any programs or other specific desires that you express in your final wishes.

Legacy giving should be part of a comprehensive plan as developed with your personal financial and legal advisers. The Temple Emanuel treasurer and/or relevant Board members are available to discuss your plans with you and your advisers as needed. Contact the temple office for more information.

Membership Pledge and Payments

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NOW OPEN | Annual Membership for July 2021 – June 2022

Fair Share Pledge Program:

Temple Emanuel depends on the financial support of each member to make possible the Jewish expression and worship that occurs within our Temple Emanuel community. As a community, it is incumbent upon each of us to contribute to the whole.
We take this obligation seriously and we know that you do as well. A congregation is of course not defined by its wealth or its budget. However, the reality is that our ability to provide services and programs that nurture our souls, enrich our minds and help us form lasting relationships is directly tied to our financial health and stability. As a volunteer-led organization, we strive to run an efficient and caring organization that spends each dollar wisely.
Based on our recent budget, we estimate that our temple’s operating costs are approximately $2,000 per family per year. As a community, we can fulfill the financial responsibility to help our organization thrive as a stable and secure place of worship. To meet these goals, each of us must do our part. In this spirit, our Membership program has been restructured as the Fair Share Pledge program, in which each of us contributes to the health and well-being of our Congregation to the very best of our ability. Our goal is to more fully engage people from our community in temple activities without membership fees being a barrier to participation.
We hope many member households will be in a position to pledge $2,000 to support our ongoing annual costs. However, we also offer various suggested pledge levels to help you pledge a Fair Share that is right for you. Since we all have a different ability to provide financial support to our Congregation, we suggest that congregants who are not able to pledge $2,000 instead make a minimum pledge of 2% of their household income. All charitable contributions to Temple Emanuel are tax deductible.
Our Fair Share Pledge program assumes that our members pledge based on self-reflection and a personal assessment of their ability to contribute. It is not a comparison between congregants. Please know that your pledge is confidential and will not be shared in any way with others. Temple Emanuel appreciates your ongoing membership, and no one will be turned away due to financial circumstances. We ask that all congregants pledge what they can toward this most important investment for the future of our Jewish community in Winston-Salem.



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Fair Share Program FAQ’s:


To view your Temple Emanuel account, click here to be taken to ChaverWeb, the online portal to our membership software.  After logging in to ChaverWeb, you will be taken to “Account Status”.   There you will be able to view your payments and open balances.  You can also make payments by credit card for membership commitment, Religious School tuition, and events. If you have technical questions, or need help logging in to ChaverWeb contact our Engagement Coordinator, or call the office at (336) 722-6640.

Need to customize/modify your payment plan? Call the temple office at (336) 722-6640

Check Account Status and make credit card payments via ChaverWeb