Covid-19 Update, as of July 23, 2021.

Pre-registration for Services and events is no longer required. We welcome an unlimited number of fully-vaccinated Temple Emanuel members and visitors. No physical distancing required. You will be asked to sign in for contact tracing purposes, if necessary. 

Questions, please contact Temple Administrator, Cynthia Silber by phone 336-722-6640 or by email


Hebrew Chai

Temple Emanuel is very proud of our new Hebrew Chai program. This program is designed to keep our high school age students involved in the educational program at Temple Emanuel. All of our high school age students are invited to meet with Rabbi Mark Cohn on the second Sunday of each month at 4:00pm. These meetings are currently on Zoom. Each month the students will read newspaper or magazine articles, listen to podcasts, view a YouTube video – all the while asking how whatever it is they are discussing affects the Jewish community. Topics will vary, but the main thing is – Rabbi Mark and the students will discuss Jews and the News and what that means to them, as Jews who pay attention to and are touched by local to world events.


For more information, contact Rabbi Mark Cohn at (336) 722-6640 ext. 101 or our Religious School Director at (336) 722-6640 ext. 102